13 hours of Baja road had led us to a remote stretch of coastline that sits facing East / Southeast. The sandy point breaks are tucked around a point, providing the perfect direction for offshore-all-day waves. The problem with this remote stretch, is the sandy access trails. We found out, when our 2-wheel-drive van got stuck. After many attempts to get the van into the camping zone that had a fun wave out front, we ended up pulling out the van with tow ropes and the 4wd Tundra and buzzed into town for supplies. Our return mission proved extremely dark as it was now nearing 10pm. We were forced to look for an alternate camp zone. We found a suitable, hard packed quadrant, steps from the beach. Tent city showed up and we were soon asleep. 

The sun scorches my eyes, through the break in my unzipped, wind beaten tent as I peer out to   Sea. The sound of peeling waves crash into my tired skull. I am awake, surprised and elated! We found, THEE wave.

The Baja sun cooks the arid cactus strewn desert as we trade waves and glide across perfect, mini Scoprion-bay-esque pointbreak waves. Blue water, sand bottom waves.  The air is heated up, creating a sequence of events resulting in 40+ mph sandy wind currents. The wind rushes across the desert, picking up sand and ending in collision with our beach-front base camp. We are now in the final hours of sunlight, and take shelter behind the vehicles. We attempt to keep the sand out of our Pacifico tin cans, as we sip on into the sunset. 

Bob 'Bobby Filet' is now hunkered down between the van doors and the truck tailgate, peeling garlic cloves as others create wind blocks, and prep our meal. Bobby barks quick orders and before we know it, we are staring down the top of a Baja burrito con verduras y carne. Life is good. By the end of the night, the coolers are empty and the vibes are high. Campfire on beach, shooting stars, ghost stories and marshmallows capped day 2 of our Baja adventure.

Contax t2 Kodak Portra 160 + 400tx

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